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Practical information

Welcome to Villa la Pinède! Here you will find all the tips and information to make your stay easier. Are you still running into issues? Send a WhatsApp to us, Kenny and Mieke, via +316 36 46 23 33. We are happy to help you!

And... if you post photos on Instagram, don't forget to tag us @villalapinede !


Keys and access

You entered via the numerical code of the key box. Immediately put this key back in the key box after opening the door. You will no longer need this key during your stay. This prevents the risk of locking yourself out. On the hook in the kitchen hangs 1 bunch of keys with the key for the front door and garden doors. You use this set of keys to lock and open the villa during your stay.



You set up the WiFi via the Livebox. On the Livebox, click on the WiFi logo, then click on 'Se connecter au WiFi'. Scan the QR code that appears with the camera app on your phone. You are now connected!

Or connect manually:

Network: Villalapinede

Password: Villalapinede14!

The television is equipped with a Chromecast. You can use this to stream to the screen via your own device. Connection to WiFi is necessary.



The waste is separated and collected into 3 categories.

1. Take glass to one of the public glass containers. In Neffiès, on the way to the center or in Roujan, near the first roundabout you come across.

2. Collect recyclable materials in the transparent box under the counter. What is allowed: clean plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and cans. Not allowed: glass, food scraps, packaging of refrigerated products and beverage cartons. The recyclable materials may be placed in the container with a yellow lid located at the gate. Please note: a waste bag is not necessary, this waste can be placed loose in the container.

3. Collect residual waste in the gray waste bin under the counter. The waste bags with residual waste may be placed in the container with a green lid located at the gate.

Container collection days:

Yellow container (recyclable materials): early Friday morning

Green container (residual waste): early Wednesday morning

Request: place the container halfway along the road (Chemin de Moussalou) the evening before the collection day. You will see several containers there, so you can't go wrong! In any case, make sure you put both containers there the night before departure. This way, the next guests will also have an empty container.

If the containers are not at the gate upon arrival, you can find them halfway along the road. This concerns the containers with house number 14.


Air conditioning

Each room is equipped with an AC unit. These units are easy to use. Turn it on/off with the remote control and use up/down to set the desired temperature. Close windows and doors when using the AC. Always switch off the AC when leaving the villa.



You can use the BBQ. Follow these instructions when using:

1. Turn the knob of the BBQ to the ignition symbol.

2. Turn the gray handle on the gas bottle to 12 o'clock.

3. Press the red ignition button on the gas bottle.

4. After use, turn the gray lever on the gas bottle back to 3 o'clock.

Gas bottle empty? There may be an extra gas tank in the wooden shed. This shed is accessible via numerical code 2010. To replace this tank, turn the gray handle on the gas bottle to 3 o'clock. Remove the valve from the empty gas bottle. Remove the black cap from the new gas bottle and place the valve on the new bottle.


Swimming pool

Once a week (often on Wednesdays) someone comes by for pool maintenance. You obviously do not have to be present at the villa for this.

In line with French legislation, there is a swimming pool alarm. Complete the following steps:

1. Place the alarm on the edge of the pool, with the pipe pointing downwards.

2. Turn on the alarm. Enter the code '1234'.

3. Leave the alarm alone for a while, after a few minutes you will hear a series of beeps. The alarm has been activated.

4. The alarm will now go off as soon as there is a vibration on the water. As soon as the alarm goes off you can switch it off with 'OK'.

5. To disable the alarm completely (because swimming is taking place), enter the code '1234*99'. Would you like to turn the alarm back on? Go to step 2.

This alarm obviously does not replace the need to be constantly alert when children are present in the garden or at the swimming pool.

We request that you pull the pool cover over the pool every evening. This is to maintain a pleasant temperature and hygiene.



A table tennis table is available for use. This is located outside at the back of the villa. After use, fold the table to limit weather influences as much as possible.

In the green wooden shed you will find a parasol for the garden table, cushions for the chairs, inflatable items, a pool alarm, an extra gas bottle, beach chairs and ping pong bats. You may use this. The code of the combination lock is 2010.

The washing machine is available for use.

If you leave the shutters down, make sure that there are no objects under the shutters such as chairs, pots, etc.

We request that you do not smoke in the house. Pets are not allowed.


Checklist before departure

Below is a handy checklist that helps you leave Villa la Pinède tidy:

1 . Please leave the villa by 10:00 am at the latest so that we still have enough time to prepare the villa for the next guests

2. Take the empty glassware to the bottle bank and ensure that both waste containers are on the road (at the container collection point).

3. Leave the BBQ (grill) clean. Pull the cover over the BBQ and secure it with the straps to avoid possible strong winds.

4. Empty the refrigerator and freezer.

5. Make sure there are no dirty dishes left on the counter. Feel free to run the dishwasher one more time before closing the door behind you.

6. Leave all areas broom clean.

7. Turn off all AC and lower the blinds.

8. Close the green shed. Make sure that the cushions of the loungers are in the shed.

9. Close the sliding door and garden doors in the villa from the inside. Hang the bunch of keys back on the hooks in the kitchen.

10. You score points if you take off the bedding and throw it in a big pile. The same goes for the towels. You can hang out any wet towels.

11. Just to be sure, check whether you have left the key in the key box and close the front door behind you.

We hope you had a wonderful time. Thank you for staying with us, have a good trip and see you soon!!

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